Equestrian legacy continues

I come from a family whose women are passionate equestrians. From great grandmother, grandmother, mother, and now my daughter. The horse bug has not skipped any women in my family thus far. My daughter's great grandmother, my grandmother, is still showing a 17 hand warmblood Hunter. Impressive, I know. We are all so proud.

I wouldn't change this family passion for the world. Horses can be expensive but they have taught me so much including team work, responsibility, empathy, courage, work ethic, death, life, patience, budgeting and so much more. One of the best life lessons I have learned from these amazing animals is we are not all equal but we can all have personal wins. Many of my favorite memories with my horses were not blue ribbon rides but personal improvement rides. All horses are wonderful and in their own way are champions. It's our job as their rider, owner and friend to love them for who they are. Some are amazing athletes while others are perfect, lazy, trail horses.

It's amazing how all that I have learned from these beautiful animals has transferred to my everyday interactions with other humans. I also give much credit to my horse for keeping me out of trouble as a teenager. Instead of staying out late with friends or partying on the weekends, I was caring and training with my horse and working to afford lessons and horse shows.

It is my hope that my little girl will enjoy horses as much as I have and still do. At just 17 months, every time she sees our horses she burst out in giggles and starts clapping her hands. When I place her on my trusted gelding she never reaches for me to take her off. She will lay back and then lean forward to give him a kiss. This will continue until my arms get tired and I must take her off. Looks like the family has another female equestrian and we are thrilled.